Sons of Good Earth Reflection


Last Friday, I had the pleasure of watching a film directed by King Hu called Sons of Good Earth(1965) and I enjoyed it very much. The pacing of the film was slow paced, there could be some improvements to the fights/battles scenes. However, despite the film having its ups and downs, for this to be the first film that King Hu fully directed, he did a really good job.

I really liked He Hua’s character development in the film. During the first half of the film, she looked gentle and scared as she seeks for safety from the prostitution owners. As the film progresses, He Hua warms up to Yu Rui as well as the other people in his hometown, even going far to sacrifice her freedom to the General in order for Yu Rui and his friend from prison. she had also held a gun, which displays the development of He Hua’s character.

I also found the portrayal of the Second Sino Japanese War interesting, like Yu Rui painting slogans for the Japanese, some people who had to work  for the Japanese as a soldier or a translator, and the actors of the film who had to speak Japanese or at least be close to speaking Japanese.



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