Come Drink With Me-Reflection


For Last Week, I had the opportunity to watch King Hu’s 1966 film Come Drink With Me, a classic film that I enjoyed very much. The picture above is the main character, Golden Swallow. The shade of red in the drawing illustrates the mature content of the film. Knowing the fact that there were problems between King Hu and the Run Run Shaw, King Hu’s vexation towards it was most evident by the explicit violence shown in the film (blood/gore). Overall, it is a film worth watching.

What I like about this film is that Golden Swallow is the leading female character who is able to hold off her own from danger, as seen in the Inn and the monastery where she was able to fend off against the bandits. King Hu was also able to display fightings in the film, despite little experience with martial arts. It was weird at the first half of the film, when she was shown to be the only woman in the film, but what I also like is that even though it was a short while, they had female warriors towards the end of the film who are capable of defending themselves against the bandits.

There were a few things from the film that could be improved. It felt weird that at first, the bandits were unaware that Golden Swallow was a girl and thought that she was a man, but later in the film they knew she was a woman. I felt that film would give it more time for the bandits to find out that she is a girl. I felt that the film had hyped the fight between Fan Da Pei and Liao Kung only for the fight to be short lived. When Fan Da Pei and Liao Kung were fighting in Fan Da Pei’s place, it had felt weird or it could have been improved.



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